Finding the correct auto repair shop in today’s economy is becoming more and more difficult. The US is defined by cars, and today, the industry has revolutionized the world. So it has become crucially important to better understand the Repair’s industry.

Now, in just over a century, the car went from its humble beginnings as a rival to the horse and carriage, to a statement of your status symbol in the 1920’s, then becoming a necessity to life and business for the past decades. The number of cars registered in the US has grown exponentially since the dawn of the automobile, and it is safe to assume that the auto repair industry has seen a similar growth do to the demand. But knowing that there are so many auto repair shops to choose from has saturated the market giving a greater room for error, and has further resulted in the growth of bad mechanics and shops.

What is worse than that is as cars have grown older, the technology being released every year with new vehicles is becoming more and more advanced. Many mechanics now have certifications saying they took the classes and spent the time to learn all the new technologies of their time. However, very few people would be able to tell how up to date a mechanic’s certifications are and if those certifications cover the technology of your vehicle. With that said, there are a number of auto repair shops with no employees having any certification. In some cases, that is completely fine and the technicians have been studying the industry for very, very long and need no further certifications, but in other cases….


Although, this entire write up has been pretty negative so far, I am going to finish this on my opinion of the circumstance. If you notice today auto repair shops are beginning to specialize in only certain manufacturers that they are very well versed on, and to avoid admitting a car for a job they don’t work on very often. Auto repair shops are also beginning to specialize on certain parts of the vehicle(suspension, engine, etc.). Last, although there will always be businesses with terrible service out there, but with time they will be taken out of the equation. So go out there, find the auto repair shop right for you, read some reviews, and go out there and support america’s Trade industries.